Child in War

Language: English


Album:Bliss and pain

I was born in this hell, colder than the snow
I’m seven years old
people tell me now, you don’t have to cry
this is only for a while

but I still see the rain, the black rain in the sky
it’s falling down… it’s killing everyone
and I saw men shooting other men
I saw my mom fall to the ground

Can’t you see the damage done? can’t you feel this pain?
why don’t you hear what I’ve got to say?
can’t you stop the fights? so everything could be all right
and every man could be himself

but I still cannot dream, something better than this world
‘cause I’ve never known a life without war
and I pray closing my eyes
but nothing changes

When the sun is high I hope that it remains up there
but then the dark is here, it’s everywhere
and waiting for the new day I can’t sleep all night long
good morning town, sad landscape in front of my eyes…
sad landscape in front of my eyes… of my eyes

Contributed by adriana - 2013/4/16 - 18:02

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