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Ten Foot Pole
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You heard of Rachel Coorie?
The press won't tell her story
Caught between a house and bulldozer
She found out that Israel
Hates gardens and it will kill
Americans who help rebuild the Gaza Strip.

Let's pretend that everything will be OK
It's not our fault let's look the other way
And go to films or dance lessons or baseball
games at night
and trust elected leaders to choose right

I hurt for Rachel's father
To bury his young daughter
And her belief in human goodness
He taught her to fight violence
Now all that's left is silence
And the memory of her dignity
Let's pretend...
Rachel I hope you find justice or even a
Garden where anyone can grow some food in peace
No guns, no need to fight. No poor, no black no white,
Heaven, you deserve a break from misery

2005/8/21 - 20:02

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