Butcher of Beirut

Paul Cargnello & The Frontline
Language: Italian

Dedicata a Sharon e al suo degno erede Olmert, ieri come oggi macellai del popolo palestinese e libanese.

La canzone spiegata dal suo autore:
"The Butcher of Beirut developed importance in life, I wrote that before Sharon was le grand chef and before he and Bush started their campaign. I wrote that about Charron as military leader because I have a major issue with any non -secular state, as non-secular as Israel is technically. I had issues with the whole religious debate. The threat for me is that I don’t want to be stuck in a position where somebody says, you have to be anti-Palestinian, anti-Zionist. ... I don’t support any religious state and I don’t like religious zealots and extremists. I don’t want to give any of them power. I don’t want a state led by Muslim values, Christian values or by Jewish values. I don’t want any religion in the government. That song is about an overpowering right wing political movement. Israel wasn’t always right wing. It’s definitely an anti-Zionist song. But it’s not just there, it’s elsewhere, like in England. Tony Blair represents a shift to the right, Paul Martin a shift to the right, George Bush represents a major shift to the right, Ariel Charron, a shift to the right. That is what the song is discussing - the shift to the right, that we are losing grip. The line, ‘I don’t want to pay rent to the fascist regime’ means I don’t want to be a part of this anymore."
when you coming back? i ain’t complete
take it to the people take it to the street
i was just driving through your boulevard
dirty street
you ain’t wild you just play the wild card

i said backup
fill the cup
fill it up ‘til it trickles down
you better run from the butcher of beirut
you better hide from the u s a
demolition coming in from the east and the west today

the white hordes stretched an inch into a mile
the northwest said you can stay a while
wear our white hoods support our g d p
our g o d
as far as i can see we’re all born on a battle zone
forced to call it home

where i dwell
i can tell
by the tears on your face you’ve been running life’s race
you’ve been hiding your face from the rest of it
the fascists hide the best of it

i saw the winter turn to spring
police and thieves busted everything
the population knows love
the population invented it
the population knows love
so why are you preventing it

i’m convinced it’s time to go
to walk out into the mismanaged roads
and redraw the lines written into the cement
i dream about a world where i don’t gotta pay rent
to a fascist regime

Contributed by Alessandro - 2006/7/20 - 11:29

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