Teacher Uncle Ho

Pete Seeger
Language: English

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Words and Music by Pete Seeger (1970)

Uncle Ho
He educated all the people.
He demonstrated to the world:
If a man will stand for his own land,
He's got the strength of ten.

And if we'd only learn the lesson,
It could even be a blessin',
He and me might disagree,
But we needn't go to shooting again.

And if soldier boys in every land say,
"Hell no, we won't go," ("what did you say")
"Hell no, we won't go," ("say it again!")
"Hell no, we won't go!"

I'll have to say in my own way,
The only way I know,
That we learned power to the people and the power to know
From Teacher Uncle Ho!

2009/7/25 - 10:19

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