Defense Factory Blues

Josh White
Language: English

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Un’altra bellissima canzone da “Southern Exposure”, il dirompente album di denuncia della ‎segregazione razziale in America che Josh White scrisse in onore dello scrittore afro-americano ‎Richard Wright, autore di romanzi come “Paura” (“Native Son”, 1940) e “Ho bruciato la notte” ‎‎(“The Outsider”, 1953) che molto hanno contribuito alla lotta per l’eguaglianza razziale negli USA.‎
Went to the De-fense factory
Trying to find some work to do,
Had the nerve to tell me, 'Black boy,
Nothing here for you.‎

My father died,
Died fighting 'cross the sea.
Mama said his dying
Never helped her or me.

I'll tell you brother
Well, it sure don't make no sense
When a Negro can't work
In the national defense.

I'll tell you one thing
That boss man ain't my friend.
If he was he'd give me
Some democracy to defend.

In the land of the free
Called the home, home of the brave,
All I want is liberty,
That is what I crave.‎

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