The Durham Light Infantry

Whisky Priests
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1989 (Re-edition 1994)
Nee Gud Luck
When I was just a young lad
I used to mine the land
With a pick across my shoulder
Or a shovel in my hand
But then the bloody war came
And my hero's instincts grew
And the posters in the street said
"Your country needs you"
"Your country needs you"
And I knew then what I must do

So Billy signed up
For a soldier's bloody wage
And Jimmy joined the navy
So that he could rule the waves
And they stood so proud and smart
In their uniforms so new
And the people lined the street with flags
Coloured red white and blue
Coloured red white and blue
And you'll die for your country too

So we're off my boys
Through the hell and the noise
To die for our country
And they'll raise a cross
To remember the loss
Of the Durham Light Infantry

In the muddy fields of Flanders
We fought like men from hell
And the ground itself was ripped apart
Where all my best mates fell
Jacky Cranston got his balls blown off
And a shell took Chorley's leg
And in all that hell and madness
I wished that I was dead
I wished that I was dead
And all the sky was filled with lead

So we buried all our dead
At least those that could be found
As well as bits of bodies
That were scattered all around
And it made me sick with anger
At the things the war had done
But when it was all over
We still kept marching on
We still kept marching on
Though all my mates are dead and gone

Now we'll sing a song of victory
That was paid for with the brave
But we're left only with monuments
And an unknown soldier's grave
And a special day once every year
To remember them to God
And commemorate their bravery
With a poppy the colour of blood
A poppy the colour of blood
We've paid too high a price with all that blood

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