Black Doves (goes out to those left behind in their beds from this war)

Amelia White
Language: English

Dall'album "Black Doves" (Funzalo Rec. 2006)
The breath of your skin So warm in my bed
I wake up from strange dreams I hold you closer

Black doves flying 'gainst a fire lit moon
you'll be gone by noon
Black doves flying ‘gainst a fire lit star
You'll be gone so far

Needles and guns and cold precise eyes,
TV news shows little babies waving goodbye
They're taking you now and they took you before
I'm lonely already----What are we fighting?

Black doves flying 'gainst a fire lit moon
you'll be gone too soon
black doves flyin 'gainst a fire lit star
what are we fighting for
black doves flying black doves flying in my dreams
black doves flying gainst the moon lit trees

Time leaves a trail I wish we could get lost
I wake up from strange dreams..I understand the cost
I understand the cost

Contributed by Alessandro - 2006/11/2 - 15:36

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