(Just Another) Soldiers Song

Alien Stash Tin
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A song inspired by the waste of human life that is war.

Alien Stash Tin
I answered the green
Five years later I dressed in tan.
I squandered my life
As I fought and I died
For a narrow strip of land
I've bombed Berlin
And Plymouth Hoe
I dropped napalm on Mai Lai
I've raped and killed,
Murdered and maimed
I dug the shallow graves

Tell me why now
Why should I carry on
Singing soldiers songs

I stood my ground
In the thin red line
I lead the tribesmans charge
I've thrown my life away
For every cause
Underneath Gods stars
I've died at sea
Deep underground
I've fallen burning from the sky
If there's a cause
I'll heed the call
I'll be the first one to die

Tell me why now
Why should I carry on
Singing soldiers songs

Na Na Na Na - I wont carry on
I'll sing no more soldiers songs

Contributed by Jon Wisbey - 2011/9/2 - 13:14

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