Global Warning Is Real

Mike Stout
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Lyrics & Music by C. Michael Stout
Album: Break the Chains [2007]

Break The Chains

Hurricanes come one after another,
Each more intense, more immense than the other..
Flood waters roar, rain storms all about now
Right next door to wild fires and drought now
All sea waters risin' as the polar ice melts;
Lakes and rivers dryin' up in giant dust belts.
Climate extremes are the order of the day..
Paradise dreams, are torn and blown away-
It's safe to say all the children will pay.
Gaia screams in bloody fear – A Global Warning Is Clear.
Global Warming Is Here

CO2 amasses on top of the globe;
Greenhouse gases, in a massive stranglehold
Rain Forests, rare species all going extinct;
All of civilized humanity teeters on the brink
No where to run, there's no where to hide;
Not thinkin' about it won't make it subside-
Our children's children will surely pay the price..
Gaia knows the real deal – The Global Warning Is Clear.
Global Warming Is Here.

The fossil fuel Lobby sowin' seeds of distraction.
It's business as usual for the crooked politician
Whole scientific community speaks with one voice now,
Warning you and me, that we don't have a choice now
The cost of doin' nothin' ain't no money can buy;
We better change our MO if we're gonna survive-
Think about the children if you don't know why.
Gaia knows the end is near – Global Warning Is Clear
Global Warming Is Here.

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