Psycho Realm
Language: English (Slang ispanico di Los Angeles)

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"" appartiene al secondo album del gruppo, intitolato "A War Story I" del 1999. Un autentico capolavoro, una perfetta commistione di potenza vocale che enfatizza la crudezza del testo e di musicalità. Raramente sono state proposte delle basi così complesse e melodiche, che sembrano quasi rifarsi a suoni di strumenti medievali. Il caso in assoluto più significativo di questo stile è "Premonitions", tratta dal primo capolavoro, "The Psycho Realm".
You're online type in a password from your own mind
What you think is top secret got insiders thinking they're all mine
Y2K year two thousand is when they go blind
Shut down machines scrambling while media co-signes
Predesigned programs that kill technology romance
Setup for chaos make you and destiny slow dance
So the storm lands in your wrist and they'll insist
That will make life easier troubleless
Hasse-free but actually none of this is for the best
Interest or the progress of society , buying me ?
You can call me paranoid but paranoia's a defense machanism
Frome those trying to destroy ya'
Don't let them throw ya' off course
Keep that money safe burries in your backyard
And beware of the pale horse

Organized crime families control automatically
Computer chip slanging to new age fanatics
Stuck to your PC screens like addicts
Madness and online freedom bandits
Create you a World Wide Web of sadness
This sick paln to assist the removal of democracy
Won't miss
We're caught in webs of mind control screens
And through world wide revolt you find tragedy
We fight the scenes
Enemies and computer chip slavery...Tragedy...
Computer components are considered demonic masonic
Made by the enlightened opponent they own it
They control it flood the market taged the dormant
Claiming that they simplify but really complicate the moment
In a glance wwe think hollow follow the prize
Swallow the shallow lies strive where we wallow
Computer age stage millenium plague vague but certain
Open the curtain digital burden
Strangers link to you bring danger
Red sky signs of the weather
Being controlled a world wide light show
And they know the commands for rain, wind, snow
Codes punched in produce storms
And cam't be stopped with the use of fire armes
Anti-Government groups get shot
And we slide into the age of robot
Cops enforce world orders and bring static
And civilians and the uniformid go at it
Wild fights ignite in the middle of the night
Into the daylight
Reported acts to enslave on track
And we push our hack platoon to get started
Terrorists through E-mail drop bombs


Contributed by El Ogro Loko - 2006/12/8 - 12:07

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