Genocide for the Holidays
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Nation of Assholes
Jerry Falwell

Well it's cold outside and the sun is going down
on another great american day
And it's nice to know as we watch crap TV
that we're living the american way

So let's wrap ourselves in the red white and blue
We'll teach those fucking muzz-ul-ims a thing or two
Let's drop them down a gift on Jesus' birthday
We'll give genocide for the holidays, genocide for the holidays

Now our country is great 'cause our president says so
We know that he can never be wrong
With one finger on the button and his thumb up his ass
He's keeping our country strong

So let's blow up Iraq and Afghanistan too
We'll teach those fucking muzz-ul-ims a thing or two
It'll be just in time for Jesus' birthday
We'll give genocide for the holidays, genocide for the holidays

It's the time of year for us all to be thankful
for everything's that great in our lives
Our economy's shit but our patriotism's strong
even though it's completely contrived

So let's pound a few down for the red white and blue
This war is just a sham; we all know that is true
Do you think Jesus wanted it to be this way?
Giving genocide for the holidays, genocide for the holidays

Now the war on terror will be just fantastic
We'll win the game fair and square
And the rich white kids will be safe on deferment
while the poor kids die over there

So let's kneel down and pray for the red white and blue
You know God is an american like me and you
Cheney will get rich while the taxpayers pay
For the genocide for the holidays, genocide for the holidays

(spoken) - God bless america and George W. Bush
And Vice president Cheney and his gay daughter too.
And Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice and
Colin Powell, even though he's resigning
And Tom Ridge, even though he's resigning too
And all the others that are in the process of resigning
Funny how they're all resigning now - you'd think they'd
want to stay and be part of a "winning team".
And God bless the war profiteers like Haliburton,
Bechtel and all the others. Oh, and let's not forget the Carlisle
group - and the Saudis as well; you know they're cashing
in on this shit too! And God bless those contractors;
you know the ones - going over there and risking getting their
heads chopped off; earning hundreds of dollars an hour while ordinary
Iraqis are starving - living in piles of rubble thanks to
american missiles and artillary. And speaking of artillary,
God bless our troops. Ecspecially the ones going over there and
kicking in the doors of an innocent family at 3 in the morning;
sporting automatic weapons and shouting at them in a language
they don't understand. Then taking all the men outside and
zip-tying their hands behind their backs, putting bags over their
heads before they haul them off to prison where they'll be abused,
stripped naked, covered in shit and forced to stand on a box for
ten hours straight with wires attached until they confess to something
they probably didn't even do. And if their lucky, they'll be forced
into simulated homosexual acts or stacked into naked human pyramids
while their grinning captors take pictures with them giving
"thumbs up signs". Makes you really "proud" to be an american.
You know, I can go on and on, but all I really wanted to say is
Merry Christmas, Mr. Bush. How the fuck can you sleep at night?

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/3/20 - 22:15

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