Smell the Roses

Roger Waters
Language: English

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Primo singolo estratto dall'album "Is This the Life We Really Want?"

Is This the Life We Really Want?

The Pink Floyd legend couldn't write an anti-war anthem at a more appropriate time. His use of war imagery in his lyrics are a brutal reminder of how things aren't going too rosy right now. In addition to the catastrophic situation in Syria, a nuclear war with North Korea could be on the horizon as Trump is like a toddler with a stick poking a hornets nest.

This isn't any fluffy skirting around the edges of the issue song that hope not to offend anyone. It gets to the heart of the matter and in its lyrics portrays how the global corporate elite live these greedy lives and inhumanely kill millions for the sake of profit.


There's a mad dog pulling at his chain
A hint of danger in his eye
Alarm bells raging round his brain
And the chimney's broken in the sky

Wake up
Wake up and smell the roses
Close your eyes and pray this wind don't change
There's nothing but screams in the field of dreams
Nothing but hope at the end of the road
Nothing but gold in the chimney smoke
Come on honey it's real money

This is the room where they make the explosives
Where they put your name on the bomb
Here's where they bury the buts and the ifs
And scratch out words like right and wrong

Wake up
Wake up and smell the phosphorus
This is the room we keep a human heir
Don't ask don't tell it couldn't be lost for us
Yeah, little less cash in the stash in the cupboard
At the bottom of the stair
Money, honey

Wake up
Wake up and smell the bacon
Run your greasy fingers through her hair
This is the life that you have taken

Just a line in the captain's log
Just a whine from a resident dog
Another kid didn't make the grade
Come on honey it's a fair trade

Wake up
Wake up and smell the roses
Throw a photo on the funeral pyre
Yeah, now we can forget the threat she poses
Girl you know you couldn't get much higher

2017/5/27 - 16:31

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