Look in Their Eyes

David Crosby
Language: English

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Parole e musica di David Crosby
Nell'album “Lighthouse”


“I have a friend, Marsha Williams, who went repeatedly on her own dime to Greece and went to the beach where the boats come. And pulled people out of the water. And she told me about a day when she pulled hundreds and hundreds of people out of the water. Which is, wrap a blanket around them, give them some water, give them some hot coffee, give them some food, try to find them a place to sleep, see if they need medicine. She tries to help them. Now she does that and these people she doesn’t know. They’re a different color, different religion, different country, different everything, but she knows they’re human beings. I know they’re human beings, you know they’re human beings. And the people who deny that, what I’m tellin’ them is, if you look into their eyes, you will see another human being – in anguish, in desperate anguish, who has walked hundreds of miles, been raped, stabbed, shot, beaten, stolen from and then when they get to some place safer and used as a political tool – they’re just human to me, they’re just trying to get their children to stay alive. And I needed to say that.” (da un'intervista di Frank Mastropolo a David Crosby pubblicata su Ultimate Classic Rock

Friend of the shadows
He's wandering
Knows no country,
No god or king

You miss him when you're passing by
You don't hear him when he cries
But if you take a step closer
There's a window to his life

Look in his eyes
(See him in the dark)
What do you find?
(Without a light, without a spark)
Look in his eyes and see the dark

She's holding her child
The way your mother held you
Is turning her around
What you really wanna do?

You miss her when she passes by
You won't know it when she dies
You'll never really see her
Until you look into her eyes

Look in her eyes
(See the burning fire)
What do you find?
(Freedom is her one desire)
Look in her eyes and see the fire

Raft on a shore
Tears in the surf
Strangers in a strange land
Surviving since birth

You miss them when they pass you by
They don't mean a thing to you
But if you take a step backward
It's your story, too

Look in their eyes
(Footprints in the sand)
What do you find?
(The world's forgotten citizens)
Look in their eyes
(See a thousand miles)
What do you find?
(Mother, daughter, father, child)
Look in their eyes
(Families left behind)
What do you find?
(Everything is on the line)

Look in their eyes
What do you find?
Look in their eyes
What do you find?
Look in their eyes
What do you find?
Look in their eyes
What do you find?

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