Long Live British Democracy Which Flourishes and Is Constantly Perfected Under the Immaculate ‎Guidance of the Great, Honourable, Generous and Correct, Margaret Hilda Thatcher. She Is the ‎Blue Sky in the Hearts of All Nations. Our People Pay Homage and Bow in Deep Respect and ‎Gratitude to Her, the Milk of Human Kindness.‎

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Nell’album intitolato “A Good Night Out”‎

A Good Night Out

Uno dei titoli più lunghi (forse il più lungo) nella storia della musica, una dedica sarcastica alla ‎‎“Iron Lady”, il primo ministro inglese Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) “in office” dal 1979 al 1990.‎
We willingly take our place as subjects
Stripped of the power of protest
Subject to the will of the State
We concede our birthright to our rulers‎
Forgetful of the struggles of those before us.‎

Contributed by Bernart - 2013/7/31 - 13:52

Riccardo Venturi - 2013/7/31 - 16:59

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