"Good" War

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Singolo realizzato nell’ambito del progetto collettivo chiamato “Riot Folk”

riot folk 3
He died in the fertile fields
Making small advances on an endless spectrum
While his country watched reality on TV
They said it was meant to be this way
As the flag was folded
His torn body laid to rest in peace

The War on Terror, it was a Bait and Switch
He met the call, then they pulled the switch
One hero per kilo, that's the cost now
No, he wasn't martyred in some hero's fight, for liberty or whatever
No, it was the President's brother, the heroin smuggler
He was protecting him

This is the good war, right?
Yeah, this is the good war

His buddy's still there, a piece of him died too
And he carries that burden around with him
Like a sack of shit welded to his heavy, broken heart
He knows his number's just a random one
If they just so happen to hit his truck
You know it all comes down to luck
Maybe quick thinking
Pills and artificial limbs

This is the good war, right?
Yeah, this is the good war

They caught Bin Laden the other day
And the country's frat boys celebrated in blissful ignorance
They'll probably never feel the pain,
But they'll proudly fan the flames
This is why they hate us
We don't learn shit

Four million refugees
Tens of thousands dead
We made our mark on this beautiful country
And in propping warlords up from the most violent extremes
To build a "new" Afghanistan
We killed the country's dreams ‎
This is the good war, right?
Yeah, this is the good war ‎

And the ones with missing limbs
And broken minds
It's not a TV show for them,
They're in it for a lifetime

The good war
‎ ‎

Contributed by Bartleby - 2012/2/29 - 09:01

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