Ready for the Rain

Ron of Japan
Language: English

Album: ...Was All Doomed to Die in the End
Lyrics and music by James A. Larson

There are quite a few folks like this, and it's important that we recognize them, for they keep this world spinning.
He levelled his gun, and the battle was won
He was born as a client of fate
Something fired in his head, he was already dead
Not a second too early or too late
He should have lain down there, the cause was forgot
They knew him as dull or insane
In an age of efficience, dark was his lot
But at least he was ready for the rain

A man made of rumors, a man made of lies
But none of the lies were his own
A warrior of figures, a man of ideals
In a land where ideals were dry as bones
The white rose of virtue had crumbled to dust
The people's stares were anything but warm
He had no one's blessing, he had no one's trust
But at least he prepared for the storm.

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