Caped Crusader

Jello Biafra
Language: English

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Lyrics by Jello Biafra
Music by Jello Biafra & Buzz Osborne
Album: Never Breathe What You Can't See

 Jello Biafra

Jello Biafra & The Melvins
When I die -you will find
My body clean and shaved
Do not touch my genitals
Without gloves on your hands
Let no one come near me
If they are female
Watch on my left hand
Perfume made just for men
Purify my soul from unclean things..

Pray all night
Sharpen knives to slaughter swift and clean
Prophet says the animal should not feel any pain
Oh, God forgive me for all my sins
The time of fun and waste has gone
Judgment has arrived
Wedding in paradise
The black-eyed virgins call
Come hither, friend of God..

God is great God is love
We must kill infidels !

I don't care if I do
What's right in the sight of men
Important thing is for me
To do right in God's sight
Annoint me with cooking oil
I'm Daniel in the Den
Baby killers and calico cats
You shall feel my wrath!

Yeh yeh-eh Yeh-eh God is Great
Yeh yeh-eh Yeh-eh God is Love
No No-o God but God
We must kill in-fi-dels !

I am ready to become a martyr
Give the most precious thing I have
Fight with my heart to the last drop
Of blood... Blood..

Why do we hate you so
To blow ourselves up to blow up you
Every time you bomb our lands
It might be time for you to ask:
What will their kids be like?
What will their kids be like?!

Killin' time, blending in
A smile and a paper hat
Feel Jihad each time I ask
Would you like fries with that?
Our Bruce Wayne, complete with cave
Dispatched crime-fighting bats
Think like me for a minute or three
You'll come up with a way
To slip right though your gates

You'll never be secure
You'll never be secure
There is no God
But God.

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