Drums of War

Son of Nun
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Lyrics by S.o.N.
Thank you for calling, Generale.. Ladies & Gentlemen, the Leader of The Free World…
Fellow Americans and citizens of the world…
This is a new day that begs the protection of our boys and girls.
From evil doers in the axis of evil,
From terrorist networks that prey on innocent people.
This is the day when we will launch unending war,
Either your with us or you're against us ever more,
We will not hesitate to decimate.. fuck formality!
International diplomacy's the second casualty, the first is truth
but in all actuality in times of war guns determine causality.
Our might makes us right!!
So proudly beat your chests with us in preparation for the fight.
From now on all dissent is unpatriotic and equal to allegiance to regimes that are our targets, Despotic Regimes denying us access to their markets,
those haters of freedom and white supremacist logic.
We have no place for these trouble making men,
we must replace these men with more U.S. friendly stately men.
Which is why we helped out who we did in Haiti,
Philip is more American than Aristide baby.
Despite the fact that Aristide was elected,
Philip recognizes the voice of Power and he respects it.

This is how we maintain first place, this is how we got it in the first place.

We must connect the war abroad to one at home
and make America safe again for us to roam.
Let's put the patriot act in action and we can send all of those sand niggers packing
or trap 'em if their name even sounds like 'Bin Laden'.
And as for all those gays trying to get married,
in my book the only good gay is one that's buried.
They're a scourge on the face of this nation
which is why I'm proposing this anti-gay legislation.
This country no longer needs affirmative action,
blacks are only behind because they can't get their behinds in action…
I think Dr. King would have wanted it this way
Which is why we came out against affirmative action on his birthday.
America's a nation of the middle class
We don't need unions so just let me break 'em in half,
Despite the fact that union members make more money
in each and every region of this mother lovin' country.
As Americans we need to unify our vision
so that we can proceed with all these tactics of division..

This is how we maintain first place,
this is how we got it in the first place.

God bless America... and no place else.

Contributed by giorgio - 2010/6/5 - 17:39

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