Silent Earth

The Anti-Nuclear Songbook
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Tune: Silent Night

Rip Blitheley, Oxford.

Beware of a movement that sings!

The Nuclear Songbook

All popular social movements have used song to express their grievances, to make propaganda, to bring people closer together, and the anti-nuclear movement is no exception. Words and music are two ways people communicate, and In combination they can create a tremendous amount of energy and feeling, which sustain and strengthen our efforts for change.

This collection is largely made up of songs and carols to tunes that at least one of your circle of friends should know. They were written by activists involved in the struggle against nuclear energy and nuclear weapons over the last six or seven years. The two exceptions, coming from the early 60s, are H-Bombs Thunder, which deserves the grand title of the "anti-Bomb anthem", and the Worker's Bomb, which was dedicated to those many leftists who thought nuclear weapons were compatible with socialism. There seem to be less of them around today. Also included are five original pieces from the Fall-Out Marching Band, whose music has turned many a demonstration Into a celebration on the streets. We had far too many songs to publish them all at a reasonable price, so we've probably missed one or two of your favourites.

The songs deal with both nuclear weapons and nuclear power. The nuclear chain is a long series of horrors from the destruction of aboriginal lands by uranium mining right through to ballistic missiles, power stations and radioactive waste dumping. We must stop It all. Lastly, books are for reading, and songs are for singing: they need voices to bring them alive. At demonstrations and festivals, In a hard meeting, or in door-to-door carol singing—that's where these songs belong. Sing On!

Silent Earth, lonely Earth,
No more tears, no more mirth,
No more people to work and provide,
No more rulers to steal and divide,
When the missiles have flown,
When the missiles have flown.

Silent Earth, lonely Earth,
All is dark, all is dearth;
No-one feels the wind's fiery gust,
No-one sees the auroras of dust,
When the bunkers are tombs,
When the bunkers are tombs.

Silent Earth, lonely Earth,
No more death, no more birth;
No more quarrels or making amends,
No more loving or singing with friends,
When the missiles bring peace,

When the missiles bring peace.

2018/5/6 - 21:16

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