Cut-Price Hero

Ewan MacColl
Language: English

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Parole e musica di Ewan MacColl
Nel disco “Folkways Record of Contemporary Songs”, con Peggy Seeger.‎


Poi anche in “Hot Blast” del 1978, sempre con la Seeger.‎

HotBlast Blackthorne

Una canzone contro gli “eroi a buon mercato”, populisti, nazionalisti, capipopolo e dittatori di ogni ‎risma ed epoca…‎
Present-day hero,‎
Sporting a pinstripe and wearing the regiment's tie,‎
Blood in his eye - the world on his shoulder.‎
Trims his moustache while he’s dreaming of destiny's hour,‎
Greedy for power -‎
Ready to save the nation, and lead us in the fight,‎
Never a doubt that everything he does is right.‎

National hero,‎
Neat little man who's been chosed by Fate to redeem
The national dream: Imperial Greatness.‎
St. George with a briefcase, he’s looking for dragons to slay,‎
Waits for the day -‎
We ask him to save the nation, and lead us in the fight,‎
Never a doubt that God is absolutely white.‎

Classical hero,‎
Standing alone on the bridge, he’s defending the race,‎
Setting his face against the invader.‎
Knowing the worth of a man can be seen by his skin,‎
The killing begins -‎
Determined to save the nation, and lead us in the fight,‎
Never a doubt that virtue is pure unblemished white.‎

Yesterday's hero,‎
Trapped in a bunker and died like a rat in a hole,‎
Ultimate goal of second-hand heroes.‎
Another one rises, demanding the right to be heard,‎
And gets the bird -‎
History shrugs its shoulders. Gives a big horse-laugh,‎
And the cut-price hero ends up with the rest of the trash!‎

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