Fighting Whities

Tom Neilson
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Lyrics & Music by Tom Neilson and Carl Beck/WT Purdy
Album: Only Outlaws Will Be Free

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Fighting whities, fighting whities,
Fight with all our might
We're superior, you're inferior
'cause our genes are white
We're the bosses, burnin' crosses
on your lawn at night
Be a whitey, be almighty,
fight, fight, fight

If you got it and we want it
in our dominion,
A reservation is your station
if you're Indian
If gold or oil's on your soil
or uranium,
Custer or the FBI
will surely come

We are noble, we are global,
we are legionnaire
Our testimonial is colonial,
we are everywhere
It's our history, it's no mystery
why we're millionaires
Corporations for the nation
with warfare !

Contributed by giorgio - 2013/5/24 - 09:38

A Bernart e Lorenzo

Non trovate un po' "guerrafondaia" una canzoncina come questa? (..quasi un inno patriottardo, prendendola "alla lettera")
Se il suo collocarsi nella parodia e nella caricatura ironica è più evidente perché il suo autore è notoriamente sinistrorso, beh, anche i Manowar non si considerano fascisti..

giorgio - 2013/6/4 - 09:23

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