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Lyrics by Mark Tornillo
Music by Wolf Hoffmann/Peter Baltes

Stalingrad is the thirteenth studio album by German heavy metal band Accept, which was released on April 6, 2012 by the independent German record label Nuclear Blast Records. It was their second album since their 2009 reunion. Like their previous album, Blood of the Nations, it was produced by Andy Sneap.

Following its release, reception for the album has been largely favorable. Allmusic published a review giving the album three-and-a-half stars out of five. Reviewer James Christopher Monger also noted that current vocalist Tornillo does an "awfully convincing Udo Dirkschneider impression." Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles and Thrash Hits also gave the album positive reviews.


Personnel: Mark Tornillo - lead vocals, Wolf Hoffmann - guitar, Herman Frank - guitar, Peter Baltes - bass guitar, Stefan Schwarzmann - drums.
Out along the Volga
Minds set to kill
Men standing ground with iron will

Deathmatch approaching
Evil in stride
Never giving quarter to the other side

Gunfire and bloodshed
Shredding flesh and bone
As young men die in the killing zone

Through streets and factories
Fighting hand to hand
Be prepared to die for the Motherland
So hungry, so cold
But there can be no surrender
For creed and pride, take hold
Blood is the cry, we'll do or die
For Stalingrad
It's the battle of Stalingrad

Two soldiers dying
Battered and blind
Enemies no more they've come to find

Mission forgotten
Now brothers in death
They hold each other abreast to the final breath

So hungry, so cold
But there can be no surrender
For creed and pride, take hold
So hungry, so cold
We're only following orders
We gave our hearts and souls
Brothers we fight, frozen in time
In Stalingrad
Frozen in time
Yeah all brothers we fight

The battle of Stalingrad...

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