Tracey Thorn
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Scritta da Tracey Thorn (Everything But the Girl) e Thomas Gandey (DJ e produttore musicale di Brighton).
In “Out of the Woods”, il secondo album solista della Thorn dopo “A Distant Shore” del 1982

Out of the Woods

Una canzone sugli adolescenti gay vittime del bullismo a scuola. Una rivisitazione della famosa Smalltown Boy dei Bronski Beat...
Per A-Z credo s’intenda la mappa di Londra... Sono passati 30 anni ma è sempre una/un smalltown girl/boy con uno zainetto, un pacchetto di sigarette e una cartina della grande città per trovare un posto migliore dove vivere...

Si legga al proposito l’articolo della stessa Thorn pubblicato recentemente sul New Statesman e tradotto per Internazionale: Cosa si prova quando tua figlia va al gay pride dopo la strage di Orlando
Some things never seem to change
Kids still call each other names
Should get better, but it's sad and strange
Every insult still the same

Growing up in small town hell
They bide their time till the dinner bell
Take a swing with a bag, and they wait
By the school gate

All this pushin and shovin
When you need a little lovin
A little human kindness
But where you gonna find it?

So you close your bedroom door
And you kneel down on the floor
Cause you don't want to get caught
Packing the bag that your mother doesn't even know you bought

"So it's come to this" you cry
Not even time to say goodbye
You pack some cigarettes and an A-Z
Push the suitcase back under the bed

You've been balanced on a knife
Will the city save your life?
You've been waiting for so long
Just for somewhere to feel like home

You've been balanced on a knife
Will the city save your life?
Your life is waiting for you
Love is waiting for you

So pack your cigarettes
And your A-Z
It'll be just like that book you read

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