Hold Your Fire

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Hold Your Fire

In the post covid-19 world, where the finality and fragility of life took on a new perspective, it was time to get together and make a mark. It was a coincidence that the Russian war on Ukraine was happening at this same time and the lyrics flowed almost effortlessly.
Countries in the distance. Unpronounceable city names
A leader's ink to paper. A million souls endowed with pain

Oh, hold your fire!
Can't you see? Today's indifference could forever your conscience burn.

No. Can't ignore it.
Got to fight the effective anaesthesia of our TVs.

Cycles of destruction on repeat, foolish human animal.
New generations emulate our wrongs; what have we done ?

Now! Hold your fire.
Can't you see? You take their hope, their innocence there is no return.

No. Can't ignore it.
Got to fight the collective amnesia of what this means.

Just when you feel you've seen it all
Terror from above begins to fall
Shaking the foundations of this reality
While this spooky roundabout, it brings us right around again to the same old place.

Country names are closer now. With pronounceable city names.
Hear the sirens blaring. A million eyes opening wide.

Contributed by Hernan Morales - 2022/11/24 - 00:26

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