Witness K

Tony Smith
Language: English

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I have written thousands of letters to foreign governments and embassies about cases which Amnesty International has identified as issues of concern. I wish that the Australian government had a better record on human rights so that I might not be accused of inconsistency.
Oh tell me Witness K
Why they’re hiding you away
Why do they play such silly games
Is it something that you know
Or whistles you might blow
Why can’t we even hear your name

Was it something you did hear
Makes our politicians fear
Afraid of your every word
But to muzzle you this way
Puts the court in disarray
It’s a travesty of justice and absurd

The people of East Timor
Believe we are their friends
But when they try to stand alone
We are such a greedy lot
Timor Este we forgot
We think their oil we should own

So you are constrained
Like Julian Assange
Or poets in China and Iran
You did not create the lies
But you’re kept out of sight
Like those to whom asylum we deny

Your lawyer (Bernard) Collaery
Must be tired and weary
As for justice he does strive
Should you have a mask of iron
So you won’t be recognised
Or is the letter K a good disguise

Tyranny can arise
Where secrecy does thrive
The law must be in public view
The dark does fear the light
And we have the basic right
To face those who say I accuse

Contributed by Tony Smith - 2021/1/18 - 22:45

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