Katrina Wasn't the First Time

Son of Nun
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This track is about the flood in 1927 that set the precedent for the literal abandonment of African-Americans by the U.S. Government. Blacks were rounded up to work on the levy while White families were rescued.
I was six back in 27 my father was that reverend known for pulling fire out of heaven and we’d eat blessings with families hard up for collections which included us cause mom barely got paid for lessons but we’d keep pressing, a sharecropper’s life is stressing especially when you’ve got seven other sisters and brethren and the ones getting richer off my family’s sweating always seemed to use their pale complexion as a weapon but that didn’t set in for me until that river threatened to wash us all away like Noah back to the beginning. [oh] they all knew it was gone-come, cause delta was to blues what crackers was to-guns [oh] planters knew we was gone run so they rounded up everyone black under the sun - coppers spotted sharecroppers on stroll and they made’em work the levee hard for no dough – all the leaders just knew it was gone hold, at least that’s what they said as they was driving down the – road - 8am the 21st the levee burst like Niagara falls blasting through 3 quarter miles of earth and)) for a time people was equal on they knees sending prayers up to god from their rooftops and trees

Katrina wasn’t the first time – and bush made sure it came close to the worst time x2

I remember Greenville cause that scene still wakes me up from dreams like a fiend from his night chills – blacks backed against the knife of white will on a levee tight rope sloped right toward swill – they brought boats to save 13 thousand survivors hanging on in our makeshift housing, but when they left all they had on board was 33 whites and the spite of the lord. Oh God people came bruised haggard and scared, living in racism’s-schism is hard – don’t get me started on the national guard, marauding through the camps to rape, murder, and rob – red cross came lame w/ that old game of giving whites the best thangs while leaving the rest hanged – w/ hunger pang chains wound around black frames set the ground for turning black names in to black flames – they had a rule that would’ve made Hitler drool – blacks without a work pass don’t get food – abuses hit the press but hoover made a slick move – and found a uncle tom crew to keep the stories out the news – bigot for president the evident rule, and people wonder why we be the home of the blues

80 years ago leaders tried to stem the flow of a swollen river by throwing niggers into the hole – shovels for black souls, crackers trapping black gold, under the sun, under the gun, under that jim crow –

….and their eyes were all watching god (echo) oh lord don’t spare rod! x2

From 1927 to 2000 and 5 racism’s shaped the face of the system like Jekyll and Hyde it tried to reside in prisons and school systems denied but Katrina kicked the door open wide – no Iraqi ever left me on my roof to die! Was the cry for blocks of people stranded in attics and rooftops and cops cocked they glocks to take shots and save shops instead of rescuing people in grave spots – the slave dock that was the super dome was a shock and like it or not – kanye hit the nail on the top – george bush should be arrested and locked, left to rot like the homes and bodies that he forgot – but this ain’t gon stop until the bottom take control of the top – they say to put your faith in the system but look what it got – not ever again cause the strength of the wind has blown the cover off the thieves in their den – these-men, guilty of treas-on, deceive the poor to fight a dirty war conceived in – star spangled propaganda banners that hid the plans of the scammers trynta get hands on the lands with the oil – but now tables are turning and they’re gonna start learning cause they’ll catch a burning from when the melting pot starts to boil

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