The Stench of the Swastika

Peter Hicks
Language: English

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Testo di / Lyrics by Peter Hicks
Musica di / Music by Geoff Francis

Whether its the National Front in Britain, Aryan Nation in the USA, Jean Marie Le Pen in France, the skinheads in Germany or the Hansonites in Australia, the forces of evil are gathering. And if we don't stop them, who will?
If you're travelling near Rostock, you'd better beware,
Of the cauldron of evil and bigotry there,
The stench of the swastika poisons the air,
The Nazis have come out of hiding.

They've crawled out of their sewers and out of their caves,
They're a new generation, their message the same,
If you're not of the master race, you're to be blamed,
For the Nazis have come out of hiding.

They prey on the fears of the weak and the poor,
They feed off society's festering sores,
They'll not stop at terror and murder and more,
For the Nazis have come out of hiding.

They've no place for discussion, no time for debate,
Their language is violence, their credo is hate,
Who's going to stop them, before it's too late?
Now the Nazis have come out of hiding.

You people who stood there and cheered what you saw,
Don't you remember what happened before?
How many of your fathers were lost in the war?
That's what happens when Nazis start marching.

You weak politicians, take off your kid gloves,
Don't you think that you've seen enough innocent blood?
Has history not taught you, there's a time to get tough
And it comes when the Nazis start marching.

Like a venemous cancer, it's already spread,
To Berlin and Leipzig and Gupen and Schwedt,
The firebombs, the knives and the boots to the head,
So who'll stop the Nazis from marching?

Whatever your colour, your faith or your creed,
Stand up and be counted in word and in deed,
And united for justice and humanity
Then we'll stop the Nazis from marching.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/6/10 - 15:38

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