Juliana Marx
Language: English

I've been treading water waiting for an ending
I keep hoping for a better me to surface
But every time it seems the road is straight
It just keeps bending
And when I'm afraid to round the circle
I end up going no place

But I'm an individual piece
Of everyone I've ever known
They've left an imprint on me
And I've made it my own

I'm the artist of my life
And I paint my way through
And the spaces I leave white
Wait to be filled with the colors of you

And in those mirrors we all face
And on occasion run into
We try to reflect a little grace
Of just enough beauty to make it through

Inner peace is intravenous
And art is the isthmus in the map of our souls
It fills in the spaces between us
Crossing the waters where our words leave holes
And we hold hands to build bridges
We mend islands making love
And your back bones are just ridges
In the mountains we're made of

I owe my landscape to that fearless little girl
Who trusts that the horizon is not the end of the world
Who trusts that the horizon is not the end of the world

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi

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