Bring My Buddies Back

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Bring My Buddies Back

Soul song called "Bring My Buddies Back" (Stone Lady # SL-006), which had a very similar sound and theme to Freda Payne's "Bring The Boys Home" - except in this case the plea came from the perspective of a war veteran, asking the government to end the war and send his friends home.

The very first line actually referenced Payne, saying: "Hey Freda, maybe you were right". The song went on to recall one of his friends dying in Vietnam because of the "lack of doctors". Not much is know of this group. They probably came from the East Coast - their label Stone Lady was based in New Jersey, founded by David L. Sheffield, who composed this and most of the songs on their album. The members of the group were Luis Farinas (tenor vocals), Doug Green (lead vocals), Greg Jackson (tenor vocals), and Tony Matthews (bass vocals).

Bring My Buddies Back

This song also featured on the album "Bring My Buddies Back" (Stone Lady # 1001), the front cover of which has a painting of marching troops in Vietnam.

Vietnam War Songs Project
One two, three four...

Hey Freda, maybe you were right
Since I've been home
I've prayed every night
Last night
I dreamed of my buddies on the battlefield
marching all alone

Bring my buddies back
Bring my buddies back, dear God
Bring my buddies back

And I can tell in their eyes,
that they're not afraid to die
They're marching all alone
Bring my buddies home

I had a friend who lay dying in the sun
For to the lack of doctors,
the final hour had come
And as his life was wasting away,
I got a little closer yeah
to hear what he had to say

He said: 'Bring my buddies back
Bring my buddies back, dear God...
Bring my buddies back"

I can tell in their eyes,
that they're not afraid to die
There marching all alone
Bring my buddies home

And when we march home
hold your head up high
what we left behind
not afraid to die

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