Nuclear Toy

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Lyrics & Music by Dave Brock
Album: Levitation [1980]

Hawkwind Levitation

This song was first released as the B-side to the single "Who's Gonna Win The War?."
Nuclear facts are hard to take,
Harrisburg, Windscale, it's no use to fake.
Potassium-Iodide, Radiation-Drug,
Won't save yourself from being a mug.

A generation pumping out active-gas,
Polluting the atmosphere and killing en-masse.
Strontium-90, Cancer in the blood,
Who's gonna pay for the radiation flood.

It's a nuclear toy,
It's a nuclear toy,
It's a nuclear toy,
It's a nuclear toy…
M4-Missile cruising in the sky,
Setting off a catastrophe in the flicker of an eye.
Radiation-Fallout, It's a setting-sun,
Looking down the barrel and firing the gun.

Nuclear death is sweeping the Earth,
Babies being born deformed from birth.
Mutations are working in the factories,
The landscape's full of artificial trees.

It's a nuclear toy,
It's a nuclear toy,
It's a nuclear toy...

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