Ballad of Alvaro Luna Hernandez

David Rovics
Language: English

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Lyrics & music by David Rovics
Album: Notes from a Failed State
Notes from a Failed State

A handsome man targeted by the local police in Alpine, Texas from an early age, Alvaro Luna Hernandez has been in prison since 1996, for the crime of daring to defend himself against a racist police officer with murderous intent.

Alvaro Luna Hernandez
Alvaro Luna Hernandez
started life with a shorted hand
growing up in Texas
on occupied land
His troubles with the law
and with the Sheriff of Alpine
Resulted from a racist gang,
crossing every line
of respect for human decency,
vicious thugs in blue
Who have ruled the hills of Texas
since long before '52

In the middle of the twentieth,
when Alvaro was born
It wasn't long before
the first time he was torn
from the streets of Alpine,
to a windowless cell
When the cops kicked his head,
til no one could tell
If he'd live or die
and somehow, he was breathing still
When the morning sun was shining
in the Texas hills

Alvaro Luna Hernandez
grew up to lead the fight
against police corruption,
and for human rights
Falsely accused of murder,
incessantly harassed
A young life in constant danger,
quickly flying past
So on the day a cop came to his house,
pointed his gun
Alvaro knocked it out of the officer's hands,
and he did run

Alvaro Luna Hernandez
hid out underground
After the biggest manhunt in West Texas,
they fired many rounds
He managed to surrender,
without being shot
And that was the last breath out
of prison that he ever got
The trial was a sham,
and he was given fifty years
Sentenced by the machine,
to be ground up in the gears

Since 1996, a quarter century ago
in solitary confinement
they've kept our Alvaro
He's now lived to be an old man,
and whether he ever leaves
Justice in the USA exists
only for the thieves
Who came and stole this country,
declared it to be theirs
Slavemasters in power,
Chicanos [1] in the crosshairs

Alvaro Luna Hernandez
started life with a shorted hand
growing up in Texas,
on occupied land..
[1] Chicano is a person of Mexican origin or descent (in North America), especially a man or boy.

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