Bikini Kill
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Nell’album d’esordio delle Bikini Kill, intitolato “Revolution Girl Style Now!”

Revolution Girl Style Now!

“Bugiardo! Mangi carne, odii i negri e picchi tua moglie… E’ tutto collegato.”
Betty's got the back of her dress all ripped out
Mama's got her face muffled twist and shout

You're a liar
Liar, liar, you got your pants on fire

You profit from the lie
You prophet from the lie
You profit from the rape

Lie baby
Eat meat, hate blacks, beat your fuckin' wife
It's all connected

Deny, you live your life in denial
Stand my whole life on trial baby,
Deny, deny, deny, deny

All we are saying is give peace a chance

Contributed by Bernart Bartleby - 2014/9/8 - 16:12

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