The Cat Among The Pigeons

Alistair Hulett
Language: English

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Album "The Cat Among The Pigeons", con la formazione dei Roaring Jack.

"The Cat Among the Pigeons is a set of Celtic tunes prefaced by a short piece of acoustic ambience by the Roaring Jack Folk Orchestra, playing zither, guitar, dulcimer, whistle, accordion, cittern, fiddle and bodhran. Alistair rants for a bit about revolutionary socialism before the electric ensemble takes off with a medley of workers’ tunes from Brittany, America, Scotland and Ireland, with a jig nicked off Dave Pegg thrown in for good measure." (Alistair Hulett)
From the killing fields of Vietnam to the backstreets of old Derry Town
They ring us round with tanks and guns to keep us in our station

From the coal pits of Northumberland and down below the Rio Grande
The bind and break the workers’ hand with hardship and starvation

Oppression is the bosses’ creed and profit their religion
Where are the ones who’d dare to set the cat among the pigeons

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/10/3 - 05:50

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