The Woman Cried

Bobby Sands
Language: English

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Versi di Bobby Sands, scritti in carcere e contenuti nella raccolta “Writings from Prison”
Musica dei Dublin City Ramblers, folk band irlandese fondata nel 1970
Un singolo del 1981 che si accompagna a The Ballad Of Bobby Sands e “Farewell Gallant Comrades”

Canzone dedicata alla fallita rivolta irlandese del 1798, quella capeggiata da Wolfe Tone.
The humble home in dead of night,
A flitting shadow fled,
The yellow moon caught sharpened pike,
Where the night shades danced and played.

A bramble clawed at trembling hand,
And a night owl watched unseen,
Through bog and glen a United man,
Marched out to win a dream.

Cold black water lashed and splashed,
And played round a tattered reed,
By dying fire a woman prayed,
That the Gael might but succeed.

The silver nails of a rugged boot,
Scarred a lonely lifeless stone,
Cross rambling hill he marched afoot
To fight along with Tone.

Six days he fought,
Midst dying piles of gory mutilated heroes,
And the English cannon roared.
Upon the ghosts of Celtic bones,
A nation's blood was poured.

Thousands fell in screaming bloody terror,
Whilst the informer hid cowering close by,
But there were none left amongst that bloody fray,
To hear the woman cry.

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