Schooldays Over, Come on Then John

Ewan MacColl
Language: English

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Parole di Ewan MacColl
Musica di Ewan MacColl e Peggy Seeger
In "The Big Hewer - A Radio Ballad About Britain's Coal Miners", trasmissione radiofonica in onda nel 1960 sulla BBC Radio, prodotta da Charles Parker (1919-1980), scrittore, cantante ed attore teatrale. Il disco è del 1967, poi riedito nel 1999.

The Big Hewer
The Big Hewer

Si tratta della quarta di otto emissioni curate da MacColl e dalla Seeger tra il 1957 ed il 1964.
La coppia si avvalse della collaborazione di artisti prestigiosi, come Dave Swarbrick, A. L. Lloyd, Ian Campbell, Isla Cameron e Louis Killen.
Interpreta da molti, tra cui i Dubliners, i Chieftains, Dick Gaughan, Damien Dempsey, i Clancy Brothers,...

Pitman e collier sono entrambi sinonimi di miner, tre modi diversi che l'inglese ha per indicare il minatore del carbone...
Schooldays over, come on then John
Time to be getting your pit boots on
On with your sack and your moleskin trousers
Time you were on your way
Time you were learning the pitman's job
And earning a pitman's pay.

Come on then Jim, it's time to go
Time you were working down below
Time to be handling a pick and shovel
You start at the pits today
Time to be learning the collier's job
And earning a collier's pay.

Come on then Dai, it's nearly light
Time you were off to the anthracite
The morning mist is on the valley
It's time you were on your way
Time you were learning the miner's job
And earning a miner's pay.

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