Guantanamo Bay

Barry Kerr
Language: English

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Testo e musica di Barry Kerr

Che dire, io ho avuto la fortuna di trovarmi a Belfast il giorno della presentazione (gratuita e con prezzo scontato del cd) dell'album a cui questa canzone ha dato il nome, mi ha colpita subito per la musica e per il testo. Altre informazioni su quest'artista è un fenomeno!

Barry Kerr – Guitar, bozouki, low whistle and vocals
Noel Barret – Bass
Robbie Overson - Guitar
Prayer goes up in the morning,
Man who need their prayers
Right now.
Shackled to the ground in a far
Away land
Thousands of mile from home.

In orange overaalls
Chained to the walls,
Blindfolded beaten and sore.
Only free in their dreams,
You can still here their screams
While tortured in Guantanamo Bay.


Don’t speack to me of democracy,
Your lies are plain to be seen.
Spread around the world,
Your flag of lies unfurled,
While you torture in Guantanamo Bay.

Countless arrested without
Flown away, out of sight.
Transportation, humiliation
Your notion of justice isn’t right.


C.I.A., F.B.I., M.I.6 AND M.I.5
Secret man, destroying lives,
With torture in Guantanamo Bay.

Contributed by Lucia - 2006/10/24 - 00:55

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