We All Said Stop the War

Robb Johnson
Language: English

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A Beginner's Guide
I keep seeing us everywhere, as far as the eye can see,
It’s like some river overflowing…
We got muslims, we got Christians, we got pagans, we got Jews,
We got atheists, anarchists, socialists… we even got a liberal or two,
On the day we all said Stop The War.

We keffiyahs, we got T shirts, hijabs & rainbow scarves,
We got placards that say we’re angry, we got placards that make you laugh,
We got whistles, badges, banners, 10,000 djembes & a salsa band,
We got pensioners, we gor pushchairs, arm in arm & hand in hand,
On the day we all said Stop The War.

We got the actress & the bishop, we got tankies, we got Trots,
And some got extra sandwiches in case their mates forgot,
We got respectable housewives from suburbia who’ve never done this sort of thing before,
And the International Sex Workers of the World united, with the boy and the girl next door,
On the day we all said Stop The War.

We got that what’s’ername from off of the telly, we got that bloke I met called Steve,
But we are more than just this 2 million, we are Ramallah & Tel Aviv,
We are New York, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Cape Town, Cairo, Bangkok to Glasgow,
It’s like some river overflowing,
On the day we all said Stop The War.

2020/12/6 - 00:25

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