Until All Their Power's Gone

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Album Iraq: Songs of Life and Death (2003).
From Quebec to Argentina
I see soldiers in the streets
A million angry marches
A final state of siege
From Peru to South Korea
There's comes a time for change
But in the mighty halls of power
The fight has been arranged

In the secret labs in Washington
They said we needed war
Weapons of Mass Destruction
We we're looking for
Then they couldn't find those weapons
Because they were made up
So they claimed liberation
And dropped 10,000 bombs

Now in the streets of Baghdad
You'll see the final hour
As soldiers move in money
And elect it into power
And they it democracy
They call it peace
But war brought occupation
Watch hostility increase

It wasn't about oil
It wasn't about land
It was an imperialistic step
With the goal of world command
And it was not the first
And it won't be the last
These wars will keep exploding
Until the governments collapse

From Structural Adjustment
To the death of Rachel Corrie
And the death squads in Colombia
It's all the same old story
It's capitalism's advancement
Master vs. Slave
A constant fight for profit
Just to fill another grave

I see a world where justice
Is a foreign as the past
Where the poor are stuck in prisons
In a race to come in last
And the murky depths of oppression
Are deeper than the sea
And freedom has been buried
By our insecurities

And billionaires will sit high up
And watch the fighting flare
As piqueteros and peasants struggle
Just to get their share
And the oppressors of the world
Make the wars go on and on
But the poor will not stop rising
Until all their power's gone.

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