381 Days

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The Americas EP
My feets is weary, but my soul is rested.”
The rule of segregation where the will is tested.
In 1955, those brave people did defy.
The laws where white interests are vested.

13 months of walking,
13 months of cold and rain,
13 months of baking sun,
13 months pain,
Rosa Parks refused, she said “I’m not gonna move”
And then 40, 000 people said: “We will not ride your bus”

She was respected her belief was well-rooted.
But with differing opinions the course was mooted.
and here they did unite, went to fight the good fight,
Montgomery’s resolve was undisputed.

It’s just a drop in the ocean, but for three hundred and eighty one days.
The bus boycott continued and the civil rights issue was raised.

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