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Album Iraq: Songs of Life and Death (2003)
The president is lying
Because he only cares for wealth
Talking about the battle zone
He shoulda gone in their himself
But he was in the White House
Smiling without a doubt
Two soldiers are dying everyday
Still there's no pulling out
But now they say the war is over
The say the war's been won
We secured this madman's planned attack
And now the fighting's done
So the people in this desert
Have a choice to make
Accept the American way of life
Or put yours at stake
And we will rebuild this country, with fancy American tools
Under Bechtel and Halliburton's rules

Now the guards of the city
Are armed to the teeth
With red, white, and blue labels fixed
On their artillery
And they are shooting at the people
In the picket line
There's no water or electricity
But the tanks are running fine
And there's depleted uranium
From the sand dunes to the street
But that's ok, in 4 billion years
It' might be safe to eat
So for now just buy the paper
And read what's written down
Go back to work and support the troops
While they bomb another town
Just step away from the horror, and realize our might
USA, the future's looking bright

Now all the weapons that we sold them
In the decade's that have passed
Lie smoldering in piles high
Among bodies and broken glass
Where children watch the fighting
To see who's next to rule
And they make sure to be careful
Because the hospitals are full
And there's people dying everywhere
There's a million different fears
But people have been getting used to this
For the past 11 years
Because the ruler of this country
Used to be our friend
And we sold him guns for petroleum
But all good things must end
So now it's our turn for genocide, our turn to kill
Until Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney get their fill

The media's distorting it
Helping plan what's coming next
Scare tactics and propaganda
Mixed with fame and sex
And the terror level's elevated
Because everyone's enraged
Every village toppled by the empire
Takes it closer to it's grave
And they ask why one would hate
The gleaming USA
With our fancy cars and movie stars
And Wall Street insider trades
The CEO's that are paying
For the votes that really count
Are a prefect example
Of what this country's all about
So remember when you see old glory all ablaze
This country was built with the blood of slaves

In the Homeland things are quiet
No one's looking back
We fought the war, it's been done before
Let's await the next attack
And we'll play this game forever
And follow all the laws
Build missiles, planes, and war machines
Until the final building falls
And in the meantime we'll be silent
We'll buy whatever sells
Some booze, some drugs, some sex and guns,
And we'll fight amongst ourselves
We're slaves but we are friendly
We'll follow your command
Forget about the people being
Slaughtered by your hands
And you can take over this country, the entire planet too
And we won't blame it on you

Yeah they say the war is over,
But I don't know if you heard
The lady of liberty
Just spoke her final word
And now the companies are coming
Because the occupation's tight
10,000 dead, the rest unfed
Bombs exploding in the night
They say they're looking for independence
Well they haven't found it yet
And now the World Bank and IMF
Are building up the debt
So say goodnight, the dream is over
Only scars remain
To the losers go the rubble
To the victors go the gains
Three cheers for the homeland, the truest of them all
America, let's watch another country fall.

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