The Streets of Lahore

The Young 'uns
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On 26th May 2014 Farzana Parveen was murdered by 4 members of her own family in broad daylight outside the High Court of Lahore for marrying without their consent. Days later her grieving husband admitted to strangling his first wife in order to marry her. It has been estimated that 1000 women are the victims of so called ‘honour’ killings every year in Pakistan.
The sun shone on the face of Farzana Parveen
When she gave her hand to the man of her dreams
but the streets of Lahore they knew where he'd been
and that he'd killed to marry Farzana Parveen

When they came to the High Court her family were there
And sticks stones and bricks they flew through the air
and the streets of Lahore stood silent and mean
and smiled as they murdered Farzana Parmeen

The sun shone on the blood of Fareena Parmeen
on the hand of her father who stayed at the scene
and the streets of Lahore they knew the routine
that he killed to honour Farzeena Parmeen

I'll light one thousand candles beneath the cold moon
say 1, 000 prayers wishing that soon
the streets of Lahore will know what I mean
There's no honour in killing Farzana Parveen

There's no hanour in killing Farzana Parveen

There's no honour in killing

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