God Bless BS

Chemical Mike
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Album: Released As Single

"This song isn't about anyone world leader or politician, it's about pretty much all of them. Hope you get a giggle out of it."
Chemical Mike says, hope you all know
ignorance and apathy claim more lives
than guns ever could. Think about it.

Ya know somebody else is always willing to believe your bullshit.
because of good bullshit,
One person, and one load of big brown bullshit,
Can change the world.

God bless bullshit.
I love bullshit.
I'll tell you why
and I hope it clears things up.
Let me start by telling you that bullshit
is all part of making the world more peaceful..

Bullshit rallies people to believe,
even more bullshit
and not because we believe a word of it,
but because we trust in the power of even more bullshit,
to save civilisation itself..

The world needs bullshit
today and will need even more bullshit tomorrow
That's a fact, that's a fact.
This is uh necessary
to keep control of stability of society…

Listen to the absolute bullshit
the world leaders are saying
on the television screens.
They tell us they want us
to have security and prosperity,
friendship and peace..
But why should we believe a word of it?
Because if that were true,
why do they create wars?
Why do they harm or kill innocent people?
Why do they produce chemical, nuclear, or biological weapons
capable of killing millions?
In the pursuit of peace
killing is not the answer,
many friends and allies will pay a price.
And therefore the world needs bullshit
and will always have bullshit
as a source of stability and order..

I hope you all find comfort in that.
I'm a strong believer in the power of bullshit,
because I've seen
I've felt it,
and most of all
because I needed,
and uhh I really needed it.
And I bet a lot of people
needed it before as well.

God bless bullshit.
I call on world leaders
and fellow defenders of bullshit everywhere on earth
in the name of securing our future,
we have an obligation
to spread bullshit everywhere.
We must stand united
under a flag of bullshit
because the status quo
must be maintained for all
And all the world, will be safer.
Trust me.
What a load of bullshit.
(bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit…)

Contributed by giorgio - 2010/5/28 - 08:09

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