Work Till You Die

Billy Rowan
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by William Rowan Salisbury
Album: Demo

"This is a song I wrote a long time ago now... I was tired of working all week and then wasting my money in the pub every weekend... and I dreamed of travelling the world... now I seem to have come full circle! Maybe it's time for a holiday... "


 Billy Rowan
You've gotta work until the day that you die
Never knowing why..
Rather be getting high than getting
Sweaty in a tie..
So why do we do it?
Maybe God is just a sly work-master
Sitting up in heaven getting plastered, -Bastard,
While I'm down here and life keeps
Getting so much faster

Before you know I'm gonna have a wife and a daughter
'Cause every day I'm living now -the days are getting shorter
There's gotta be more to
My being born
'Cause every single morning, well
I wake and I yawn -and I say to myself
Hey hey
The sky's still grey..
So what am I gonna do today?

What am I gonna do tomorrow
Maybe borrow some dough
And go and drown my sorrow till I throw
I don't know
Maybe I should go
To the pub
To think about it
Then I won't feel so
Tired I'm gonna get
wired it isn't my fault events conspired to make me
do these things to this mind of mine
living at a pace that is my decline..

And if I don't take the time
Just to sit right back and unwind
Well I'm probably never gonna find
Find my peace of mind
Peace of mind..

'Cause time is only relative to how long your alive
And the speed that you're living at determines how long you survive
Your heart's only got so many beats in it..
And every time your stress your getting
Closer to your limit yeah
We'll maybe life is a race
But if you wanna win it
You gotta move slowly
Minute by minute yeah
Hour -by- hour
And day by day
'Cause if you think in years -Well your life it's gonna slip away
Before you know it you'll be back in the earth's crust
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust..

And if I don't take the time
Just to sit right back and unwind
Well I'm probably never gonna find
Find my peace of mind,
Peace of mind.

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