Killin’ Rats

Mano Negra
Language: English

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Scritta da José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao Ortega, in arte Manu Chao
In "Patchanka", album d'esordio della band francese

You're ready?
Now record

There's a place in the city
Just down by the river
All the rats went crazy
Got fangs made of silver
Killin' rats

They're cruisin' downtown
Their eyes full of anger
If they can't hurt you
They will find another
Killin' rats

They will shot down your father
They will spit on your mother
Rape browny girls
And slaughter your brother
Killin' rats, killin' rats


Those rats need a scratch like that
Those rats need a scratch like that


All you real cool cats
Put yourself together
Get them back to their swamp
Before they make you surrender
Killin' rats

Old cats, they quiver
'Cause it makes them remember
About a long time ago
When they fought rat's father
Killin' rats

Was a rat called Hitler
Set the world on fire
This is no fair game
They wanna do it again
Killin' rats, killin' rats

Those rats need a scratch like that, rats
Those rats need a scratch like that, rats
Those rats need a scratch like that, rats

They need a scratch

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