Waltz for Rachel Corrie

White Collar Crime
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She said, “We’re doing a play.”
I said, “What play?”
“‘My Name is Rachel Corrie’
We go up on Friday.”
I recalled the courage
ot that young woman cut down
in Palestine
in that bull-dozed town
she got the play on its feet
I played the Dad
from the Wings I could see
that we weren’t half bad
she was great,
because she didn’t try to do too much
played her part tenderly
with a ghost’s loving touch
the play, the play
I heard you say,
“My name is Rachel Corrie”
that springtime Friday
To really live
you must be willing to die
who here among you
is most alive?
I wish we’d been
just a little more smart
and acted out of love
and not this hole in my heart
we rushed it
I snuffed it
I didn’t use my head
I kissed you
forgive how I rushed you to bed
but I didn’t see you
like I saw you in that play
in the name of the slain
you burned up the stage
and carried your fire
into DC
in the Capitol Building
against torture and agony
you unfurled a banner
you took your stand
against inhuman insanity
the law of the land
Rachel stood with you
the reluctant heroine
she’s with you all
40 hours in the bin
I saw you
I saw you in that play
the dead walk again
in the magic of the stage
to really live,
you must be willing to die
who here among you
is most alive?

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