Without Chains

Patti Smith
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[2007] Patti Smith (photo by Angelo Cricchi)
Testo e musica di Patti Smith/Tony Shanahan
Lyrics and Music by Patti Smith/Tony Shanahan

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This song was written in early September 2006 in response to the release of Murat Kurnaz from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base after being detained for over four years. We are posting the song because of numerous requests. At this point the song may serve to raise questions as to the status of the Guantanamo detainees. This is a heart breaking legal and moral issue. We can not forget these human beings.

Nor can we forget John Walker Lindh who has also served over four years of a twenty year sentence imposed without any hard evidence against him. Recently he was transferred from a medium-security prison in California to Supermax, the Federal Government's most secure prison. No explanation has been given.

Our prayers are with him and others who have been imprisoned unjustly.

We offer the song, as requested. Just a rough version, written with Tony Shanahan.
For four long years
I wasn't a man
dreaming chained
with the lights on
in another world
a netherworld
four long years
with nothing
to say
thoughts impure
at Guantanamo Bay

now I'm learning
to walk
without chains
I'm learning
to walk
without chains
learning to walk
without chains
without chains
without chains

born in bremen
played guitar
a young apprentice
building ships
loved and married
heard the call
is attaining wisdom
a pursuit of fools
journeyed to Pakistan
to breathe the Koran
taken in custody
no reason why
then a prison camp
as an enemy


Languished in a cell
Four years and a day
Then flown home
A version of free
Chained to the floor
With eyes bound
One last humiliation
left to endure
they say I walk
that may be so
its been a long time
since I walked at all

now I'm learning
to walk
without chains
to talk
without chains
to breathe
without chains
to love etc...
without chains
without chains
without chains

Contributed by daniela -k.d.- - 2007/4/16 - 13:15

Language: Italian

Versione italiana di Kiocciolina

Per quattro lunghi anni
Non sono stato un uomo
Sognando in catene
con le luci accese
in un altro mondo
quattro lunghi anni
senza niente
da dire
pensieri impuri
a Guantanamo Bay

Adesso sto imparando
a camminare
senza catene
sto imparando
a camminare
senza catene
sto imparando a camminare
senza catene
senza catene
senza catene

nato a Bremen
suonavo la chitarra
un giovane apprendista
a costruire navi
amato e sposato
ho udito il richiamo
sta raggiungendo la saggezza
un'occupazione da pazzi
ho viaggiato in Pakistan
per respirare il Corano
preso in custodia
senza alcuna ragione
poi un campo di prigionia
come un nemico


Mi sono strutto in una cella
Quattro anni e un giorno
Poi sono volato a casa
Una versione di libertà
Incatenata al pavimento
Con gli occhi bendati
un'ultima umiliazione
poi dicono che cammino
in maniera strana
sia pure così
è passato molto tempo
da quando ho camminato l'ultima volta

Adesso sto imparando
a camminare
senza catene
a parlare
senza catene
a respirare
senza catene
ad amare ecc...
senza catene
senza catene
senza catene

Contributed by Kiocciolina - 2007/4/18 - 10:56

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