Ballad of Yvonne Johnson

Eliza Gilkyson
Language: English

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Parole e musica di Eliza Gilkyson
Nell’album intitolato “Land Of Milk And Honey”‎

Land Of Milk And Honey

Una canzone che racconta la storia di Yvonne Johnson, americana mezzosangue nativo, una storia ‎di sofferenza e di abusi fin dalla più tenera infanzia. Affetta da una labioschisi mai curata, cresciuta ‎in una famiglia dove i genitori, un’indiana Cree e un marine bianco, erano dediti a droghe ed ‎alcolici, subì violenze sessuali fin dall’età di tre anni ad opera – se ho capito bene – di due dei suoi ‎fratelli o fratellastri. L’unico fratello che la proteggeva e le voleva bene fu ucciso dalla polizia. ‎Messa su una famiglia, sempre in condizioni precarie e disastrate, nel 1989 la Johnson, insieme ad ‎altre tre persone, uccise un pedofilo che lei riteneva insidiasse i suoi figli… Fu condannata ‎all’ergastolo. In prigione scrisse le sue memorie che, con l’aiuto del giornalista e scrittore Rudy ‎Wiebe, furono pubblicate nel 1998 con il titolo “Stolen Life: The Journey of Cree Women”. Il libro ‎ebbe una vasta eco ed un grande successo. Ciò contribuì anche alla revisione della pena. La Johnson ‎ha ottenuto la libertà condizionale nel 2008.‎

Yvonne Johnson con Rudy ‎Wiebe.‎
My name is Yvonne Johnson, my native blood is Cree
I'm here to tell the story of the life stolen from me.

My grandfather's grandfather was the great war chief Big Bear
and Flora my grandmother worked with medicine and prayer
My mother's from Saskatchewan, my dad's U.S. marine
and I was just a half-breed falling somewhere in between.

Raised up in a reckless world of drugs and alcohol
the police killed my brother Earl, the only one who cared at all
cleft palate split my face in two, my words came soft and spare
I lived in shame and ridicule, foundations of despair

Daniel let the kids all watch when I was only three
he threw me on the table, forced himself inside me
My brother Leon learned from him what I learned not to tell
cause when my daddy found him then he had his way as well, boys,
he took me down as well

I didn't have a language for the pain, I suffered through
escaping into marriage, but your past just catches up with you
until I had three children and a ragged family
a desperate urge to keep them from the wolves that got to me, boys,
wolves that got to me.

I wish I could forget that night, the way the cards all fell
the deck was stacked against me and I played my part so well
three days on the party in a drunken revelry
Shirley Ann said Chuck had plans to lure my kids from me.

I wrapped the cord around him there, they beat him round the head
they threw him down the cellar stairs and pulled the cord til he was dead
Courts set me up to take the fall, I went down silently
I'm doing life in prison now for murder first degree,
while they got leniency

Grandmother, grandmother, send your prayers to me
protect me and my children, for I love them endlessly
Creator, Creator, I have come alive
medicine bear woman, doing life at 35, life at 35

I pray
help me to make my amends to those that I have harmed
Grant them love and peace so they may understand I'm sorry
Help me share my shame and pain so others they might do the same
and so awaken to themselves and to all people of this world
hai hai
hai hai

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