No Human Is Illegal

The Wakes
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(Stormy Six)
Magliette rosse
(Ivan Guillaume Cosenza)

Five hundred words are signed and sealed
and passed on to an editor
Who blames asylum seekers
For the state this country's in
Fire another cannonball
an eloquently worded vitriol
Blame culture leaves its imprints
When the paper's in the bin

Now the media dehumanise,
victimise and criticise
Fill up column inches
and tell us they know best
How British Values will corrupt
It a barbed wire fence we don't put up
Providing cannon fodder
For a right wing gutter press

No human is illegal
And everybody has their worth
This is no Eldorado
But it's a safer place on earth
How many bodies must be washed up on a shore
Before you change your mind
to what you didn't think before
That old bullshit just don't cut it anymore
You've got to open up your heart
You've got to open up your heart

No human is illegal
Everybody has their worth
Everyone created equal
Everybody on this earth

No human is illegal
Everybody has their worth
Every man born in this planet
Every woman on this earth
We are children of this earth

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