Rod MacDonald
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Album “White Buffalo”


Gli USA hanno armato e finanziato i peggiori dittatori del mondo, le loro guerre e i loro massacri, ma quando le vittime di quei boia si sono presentate alle frontiere della “più grande democrazia della terra” sono spesso state respinte…
I'd like to give a welcome to the Shah of Iran
Ferdinand Marcos, Nguyen Ky of Vietnam.
The United States extends you a hearty welcome hand;
why do we send back Rosalita and Roseanne?

Oh, I know their governments have become our cause.
We sell them their weapons, we finance their wars;
and when the innocent escape to our fine peaceful land,
why do we send back Rosalita and Roseanne?

I believe in the Bible, I've seen where it reads
when a hungry one knocks, give him something to eat.
But with so many hungry how can we take them all in?
And when they're standing at your door, how can you send them away again?

But hey, did I ask for the Shah of Iran,
Anastosia Somosa, President Thieu of Vietnam?
Let's hear it for sanctuary, how about a hearty hand?
and why do we send back Rosalita and Roseanne?

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