Tallest Tree

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My name is Frank Cable and I am the creator of this song.

The song was originally written with respect to the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, but applies to conflict in any part of our world. The song is about compassion, tolerance and the request of the victim to the oppressor to look past their weapons of power in hope of understanding that love is the only answer in this world.

I hope that you post this song. I will be back to submit others. Thanks to everyone within your organization for creating such a noble place for artists and listeners to keep the message alive.

This song will now and always be dedicated to Nelson Mandela.


Frank Cable

Massachusetts, USA

Tallest tree- Copyright 2011, Frank Cable
Brother, brother don't you know?
Where is love, but in your soul.

This is your life and
all that's in it,
is a river for your swimming.

Capture and set it free,
your desire has no purpose.
Climb atop the tallest tree
it will always bear your witness.

So when they say these things,
Oh, will you pray, will you pray,
for what love brings.

Contributed by Frank Cable - 2013/12/9 - 04:58

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